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Selection of Stones

In contemplating the use of stone for various engineering works, the selection of the nature and quality of stone is governed by the purpose in view, cost of stone, its ornamental value and durability Suitability various types of stones for different purposes and situation is briefly discussed below
  1. For face work, in general marble, granite and close-grained sand stone are used in the form of thin slabs (veneers) where the structure subjected to adverse weather effects.
  2. For pillars, balustrade, pedestals, columns statues and door and window sill and paving stone, granite  marble  and compact lime stone can be recommend because they can take good polish.
  3. For ornamental works such as moulding and carvings, fine-grained sand stone, fine grained marble  and fine grained granite are used.
  4. For bridges, piers, docks, break-waters and other marine structures the stone should be very hard, heavy, strong and durable granite and gneiss are recommended for this purpose
  5. For  road  metal, stones should be hard, tough, resistant to abrasion and durable. Basalt and course-grained  granite are generally recommended for this purpose.
  6. For railway ballast, the stone should be hard, dense, durable, tough and easily workable sandstone,  compact  lime  stone, trap and quartzite are commonly used
  7. In situation like steps, doors sills, pavings etc where there is a regular flow of traffic, stone should be hard, dense, easily workable and durable. Marble, slates and sand stones are commonly use in such places.
  8. In fire proof construction, compact sand stone should always be prefferred.

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