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Qualities of a Good Building Stone

Testing of a Stone
The following are the qualities or requirements of a good building stone.
  1. Crushing strength: For a good building stone, the crushing strength should be greater than l000kg per cm2.
  2. Appearance:  Good  building  stone  should  be  a  uniform colour, and free from clay holes, spots of other colour bands etc capable of preserving the colour for longtime.
  3. Durability:  A good building  stone should  be durable.  The factors like heat and cold alternative wet and dry, dissolved gases in rain, high wind velocity etc affect the durability.
  4. Fracture:  For  good  building  stone  its  fracture  should  be sharp, even and clear.
  5. Hardness: The hardness greater than 17, treated as hard used in road works. It is between 14 to 17, medium hardness, less 14 said be poor hardness.
  6. Percentage wear: For a good building stone, the percentage wear should be equal to or less then 3 percent.
  7. Resistance  to  fire:  A  good  building  stone  be  fire  proof. Sandstone, Argillaceous stone resists fire quite well.
  8. Specific  gravity:  For  a  good  building  stone  the  specific gravity should be greater then 8.7 or so.
  9. Texture: A good building  stone should have compact  fine crystalline structure should be free from cavities, cracks or patches of stuff or loose material.
  10. Water absorption: For a good building stone, the percentage absorption by weight after 24 hours should not exceed 0.60.
  11. Seasoning:  Stones  should  be  well  seasoned  before  putting into use. A period of about 6 to 12 months is considered to be sufficient for proper seasoning.
  12. Toughness Index: Impact test, the value of toughness less than 13 – Not tough, between 13 and  19 – Moderate,  greater than 19- high.

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