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Artificial Stones

Artificial Stones: 

These  are  also  known  as  cast  stones  or reconstructed  stones.  Artificial  stones  may  take  up various forms such as
  1. Cement  concrete: This is the mixture of  cement, fine aggregates, coarse aggregates and water. It may be cast in site or pre-cast if steel is used with cement concrete, it is known as reinforced cement concrete.
  2. Mosaic tiles: Pre-Cast concrete tiles with marble chips at top surface are known as tiles. They are available in different shades and widely adopted at present.
  3. Terrazo: This is a mixture of marble chips and cement. It is used for bathrooms residential buildings, temples etc.

Advantages of artificial stones:

  1. Cavities  may be kept in artificial stones to convey pipes, electric wires etc.
  2. Grooves can be kept in artificial stone while it is being cast which are useful for fixing various fittings.
  3. It can cast in desired shape
  4. It can be made in a single piece and hence trouble of getting large blocks of stone for lintels, beams etc is avoided.
  5. It can be made stronger than natural stone
  6. It is cheap and economical
  7. It is more durable than natural stone
  8. Natural bed is absent  in  artificial  stones  and  hence, the question of taking precautions with respect to the natural bed of stones does not arise.

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